Simple and Secure Collaboration

Millions of referrals are sent everyday – most are a simple letter and a linear procedure – but what about those cases that demand more?

This is where your digital Referral Office becomes an essential part of your working day – accessible on your phone or PC.

Your time is precious, you work at multiple locations constantly accessing numerous systems for information. Your complex referral cases need a simple and secure way for you to collaborate with your staff and colleagues.

Virtual Referral Office

Referral Office is designed for complex cases requiring a team to come together – not just for a conference call but for the complete treatment plan.

These team members may be from numerous places, locations, and time zones.

C2C is web responsive – which means it can be accessed on any mobile device 24/7.


A team of specialists or experts for a procedure completes an essential episode in a patient care, however, a holistic approach involves many clinicians during and after treatment.

  • Doctors & specialists
  • Health professionals (physiotherapists etc.)
  • Treatment Co-ordinators for planning treatment
  • Your staff for 360° communications

Notifications & Alerts

A holistic approach to referral cases demands flexible and pragmatic ways of access and communication.

We use SMS to prioritise urgent referrals or to notify the team if a patient dies.

Notifications are consolidated into a daily email, so you are not bombarded constantly with messages.

All data is encrypted when being transmitted online with 256 -bit encryption.


Prices & Fees

C2C Network is a private members network – only members may subscribe to use our referral office services.

If you do not know an existing member to invite your – do not worry our verification team can help

Become a Member

Participation in a colleague’s referral is free for C2C Network members, however, if you wish to create your own referrals, add a support team and build teams we have a range of flexible packages below to suit all needs.

If you wish to outsource your referral management services to our team then please follow this link for more information on how we can help.  

Referral Office Subscriptions

x 20 no. of Referral Cases per month
50 GB of Data Storage
x 1 Bundle of SMS (50)
Billed at £19.99 every month for 12 months
x 100 no. of Referral Cases per month
150 GB of Data Storage
x 5 Bundle of SMS (150)
Billed at £49.99 every month for 12 months

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

*12 month contract – all payments to be made in GBP

No. of account users

Each subscription account will allow you to sign up x 3 support team members, these are staff that work for you only e.g., your secretary, administrator or manager – sorry not other doctors, they will be required to create their own account.

Add Ons

Do not worry if you think you may exceed your limits in any given month, extra referral, data storage and SMS can be purchased for a specific month.

For more information, contact us.

Outsourcing Referral Management

Our remote specialist Referral Team can support you or your practice offering bespoke services for busy doctors and healthcare professionals.

We have a dedicated team with a passion for providing high quality tailored services to private medical professionals. We are there to support you and your practice, help you manage and grow your network of referral cases.

We understand that a private practice has many demands on your time – you are busy with managing relationships and services from numerous sources; colleagues, hospitals – surgery facilities, diagnostic clinics, consultation rooms etc.

Our Referral Management Service is designed to save you time, money and grow your referral network.

Providing a high standard of service to your network of colleagues and providers.

 Concierge Network

For elite clients & HNWIs their needs are global and you need a network to match it

Our experienced consultants will work with you and your agues to build networks in the appropriate countries and cities where your clients have additional residences or places where they regular visit for vacations.

We will undertake research in the locations identified and then network with the local private GPs, checking credentials and seeking testimonials.

As for travel and accommodation – we are partners with [Concierge Company], working closely with them to ensure seamless plans are made for your client and their families.

You may also be interested in a ‘Contact Management System’ we are currently developing specifically for the UHNWI market.

To find out more call us [telephone nos.] or send your details via our contact us form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Safe and Secure

Your information is safeguarded by the best security technology. We store, backup, and protect your sensitive and private data. Passionate about your data security applying industry best practice.

For more details see our security and privacy policies