Digital Networking & Collaboration 

Take control of your digital future

Together lets build a true partnership, with shared ownership, independent & not reliant on the internet giants or medical device manufacturers harvesting your data


Join us – take back control and participate in this exciting new venture, say no to the current trends of invasive and non-transparent ecosystems.

Collaborate and connect with your colleagues in an independent private network.


Our network platform is simple in design and can be used to collaborate with colleagues on referrals.

Membership is ‘invite only’ and free – with flexible pricing for those that need additional services or membership verification.


You are our only customer – a partner.

Our financing is from  subscription and fees you pay for added value services only.

We have plans for many exciting new features and services, with members participating in our DevOps. Plus members will have priority and offered shares first in 25% of C2C Network when the time is right to go public.

Product & Services

Consultancy Services

Our experienced team of professionals and partners can remotely or on-site support you and your practice – offering a range of bespoke outsourcing services for busy doctors, their teams and healthcare professionals who support them.